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knife of the month

Bird's Beak Paring | 55% OFF

A perfect knife for peeling, coring, paring, and any other precise tasks.

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summer set sale

Carving & Steak Sets | 40% OFF

Our cutlery is always an impressive addition to the dinner table. For carving and for dining, these sets are a great compliment to a beautiful meal.

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Deal ends August 31st or while supplies last

American Craftsmanship

We're a family-owned company with a long history of small-batch, high quality manufacturing.

We proudly produce our cookware in Clarksville, TN.

Our Mission

We believe that a good life is nourished by good cooking.

Cooking creates vital connections – to your food, to your culinary heritage, and to the people who gather around your table.

Cooking with Andrew Zimmern

We're partnering with our friend Andrew Zimmern to expand your culinary horizons with some great recipes, all cooked in our cookware.

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Why Stainless?

Renowned food writer and scientist Harold McGee calls multiclad stainless steel the ideal form of cookware.

Learn why — and how our cookware goes further than the rest.