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Family Dinner

Meals that bring people together

Cooking for a group of friends or family is a great way of bringing people together and strengthening relationships.

Sometimes, however, cooking for a large group can be intimidating and frustrating. Large amounts of food preparation alongside a lengthy process of cleaning up can be challenging.

Hammer Stahl is here to help. Our cutlery makes large food prep jobs enjoyable, and our family-sized cookware makes cooking and doing dishes simple.

Cooking and Serving with Hammer Stahl

Hammer Stahl offers cookware that can create beautiful meals with minimal cleanup afterwards.

One Pot Meals

From our 8 quart family sauté pan to our 13.5" fry pan, Hammer Stahl offers a variety of family-sized cookware to make large meals easy.

Here are some great one pot meals to try:

Cooktop to Oven

All Hammer Stahl cookware is oven safe at high temperatures, so your large dishes can go straight from the cooktop into the oven to finish.

Learn more about the quality of our 7-ply stainless steel cookware.

Save Time and Energy

All of our cookware works as well on the tabletop as it works on the stovetop. Serve straight from the cooking vessel to save time and dishes, while still serving it beautifully. Afterwards, you can save more time by washing your cookware in the dishwasher.

Made in USA

All Hammer Stahl cookware is proudly made in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Learn more about Hammer Stahl's legacy of US manufacturing.

Cutlery for Prepping and Serving

Hammer Stahl cutlery is helpful both before and after cooking.

7" Vegetable Cleaver

This knife is perfect for large meal preparation. The large blade makes it ideal for crushing garlic and scooping ingredients, and the curve of the blade is great for rock chopping herbs or garlic.

10" Slicer

This knife can be used tableside to serve slices of hame, prime rib, cakes, or sandwiches. The curved tip and dimpled blade makes slicing easier and cleaner.

Carving Set

Heavy-duty yet elegant, the 6" fork allows for a great hold, and the razor sharp 8" carving knife slices with ease.