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Our Craft

We craft the best stainless steel cookware out there by drawing on a long tradition of specialty craftsmanship, and make it available to you at a fair price.

the Quality

American Clad cookware is designed to be the best stuff out there. Both in materials and design, we make no compromises and cut no corners so that we can guarantee an excellent cooking experience and a lifetime of durability.

Here are a few things we do that nobody else can match:

  1. 7-ply stainless steel is our standard. While other manufacturers are satisfied with a 3- or 5-ply construction, we know that our 7-ply stainless steel that includes 3 layers of aluminum cooks incredibly evenly and does not sacrifice durability.
  2. We use a titanium-stabilized 316Ti stainless steel cooking surface that is more durable and inert than the typical 304 series (AKA 18/10) steel.
  3. Our cookware is induction-ready without compromise. That means we protect the less corrosion-resistant 400 series magnetic steel by sandwiching it between other layers of metal rather than putting it on the exterior of the pan. The result is a durable exterior that keeps its shine.
  4. We created a custom handle design that is hollow to stay cool and shaped to fit comfortably in your hand.

the Tradition

Our quality-obsessed design is informed by a long history of American cookware manufacturing. Our legacy dates back all the way to 1874, and we’ve been producing small-batch, specialty multi-clad stainless steel cookware for more than 40 years.

The secret to our success has always been our people and our process:

  • The craftsmen behind our cookware really know what they’re doing. Our employees have been with us for over 20 years on average, and that experience shows through in the cookware they create.
  • Our small-batch manufacturing process allows us to hand-finish our cookware and check for quality at every step.
  • All of our cookware is made in Clarksville, TN with steel sourced from Pennsylvania.
  • We are a small, family-owned company that values bringing people together by cooking at home.

the Value

We want to get you the very best cookware at the best price, which is why we generally match or beat the prices of other premium American-made brands – even though they don’t offer the same premium features that we do.

And once you buy from us, our lifetime warranty guarantees that your cookware will last. No more buying cheap or non-stick cookware that will fall apart and you’ll have to replace after a few years.

cooking with andrew zimmern

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