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4 Quart Sauté with Lid

An everyday go-to in your kitchen, this versatile pan accomplishes a wide array of common kitchen tasks. You can sear meats, sauté vegetables, reduce liquids, braise in the oven, or create flavorful pan sauces.



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8 Quart Stock Pot with Lid

Ideal for cooking large volumes of soups, stews, or stocks. The high sides and large size allows you to keep ingredients submerged during long simmers to maximize the extraction of flavor. Can be used interchangeably for dutch oven purposes.



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10.5" Fry Pan

This pan is ideal for frying, browning, and sautéing. The curved sides allow you to toss and flip foods with ease.



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2 Quart Saucepan with Lid

This pan is ideal for simmering sauces, cooking grains, steaming vegetables, and poaching eggs.



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13.5" Paella Pan

The large, flat cooking surface of this pan makes it ideal for a large dish such as paella, and the dual handles makes it a great serving dish as well. A heavy body with sloped sides, this pan will sear incredibly while allowing easy access to your food.



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13.5" Shallow Wok

The long, curved sides of this pan and small flat surface creates a perfect vessel for tossing large quantities of meats or vegetables for stir-fried dishes.



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