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"Having purchased my first Hammer Stahl 2 piece set with bamboo cutting board & also pairing knife last Oct. I have been so delighted, it has made chopping, dicing & slicing so much fun, I feel like a professional chef, LOL, I so am not ! just enjoy cooking. My nephew, Mikiel, is a professional chef & would be soo proud of me to own such quality cutlery ! I visited your booth this Oct. in Gulf Shores, Al, yea, Shrimp Fest ! Treated with great hospitality & pruchased a set of the steak knives. I so can't wait to have them shipped to me" .....Thanks, Ro Peteet

"KUDOS to Chef Rick Tramonto, Lisa McIntosh & Hammer Stahl Cutlery. YOU made a difference. Since Saturday, at 1000 people are more aware of CutOutHunger. Many people want to get involved, because no one should ever ever worry where and when their next piece of bread will come from...satiation from food is something most of us take for granted.... what is even more profound is those that cannot get involved with this particular program are looking for something to volunteer their time with... To save a single life, is to save the world...(Talmud) Thank you for bringing out the good in a lot of people " .....Barri Tabak