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For a limited time, we are offering our 6" Chef knive at a special price of $39.95! Get yours now to start or expand your Hammer Stahl collection.

American Made

Hammer Stahl's legacy of manufacturing cookware in the United States dates back to 1874.


Uncompromising Value

Hammer Stahl is devoted to quality products that will last a lifetime.


What Makes Hammer Stahl Unique?

Performance: We aim to make cooking at home a joy. Every step of the cooking process is made easier by Hammer Stahl products, and their quality will be reflected in the quality of your cooking.

Design: Our products are obsessively designed, creating both a beautiful and functional result. See how every aspect is designed with you in mind.

Value: Hammer Stahl products will last a lifetime. Our products are designed for durability and are protected by a lifetime warranty, ensuring that you will receive tremendous value from any item you purchase.

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